• Carpet Cleaning Riverside

  • Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire is guided by the belief that continual improvement is priority #1 for carpet cleaning in Riverside, CA and surrounding communities.  To be able to offer the best carpet cleaning in Riverside, we persistently develop and improve our carpet cleaning equipment, methods and solutions. At Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire we are proud to offer these best practices to our carpet cleaning customers in Riverside.

  • Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire is DRIER. With our Low Moisture Cleaning Method we are able to use less water than other methods like steam cleaning.  Carpets cleaned with our process will dry within just 1-2 hours, NOT 1-2 days. When it comes to carpet cleaning Riverside we know our drying time can not be beat!  On hot summer days in Riverside CA cleaned carpets are dry before we leave your house! 

    Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire is CLEANER.  A very important part of our cleaning process is the use of encapsulation.  Using encapsulation as one of our cleaning steps allows us to use less moisture while cleaning and at the same time stop re-appearing spots from coming back.  You can be back on your carpets in 2 hours!  In addition to making your Riverside, CA carpets look like new, they will stay cleaner longer!

    QUICK DRY CARPET CLEANING-INLAND EMPIRE is HEALTHIER.  Our cleaning solution is safe for kids and pets.  There is no yucky chemical smells.  No harmful chemicals are ever used during our carpet cleaning in Riverside appointments.

    • Safe for kids and pets
    • Green Certified
    • No sticky residues are left behind
    • No reappearing stains.
    • FDA approved

    Call Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire at 951-805-2909 for carpet cleaning Riverside appointments.  Free, accurate estimates are a click or call away!

  • Carpet Cleaning Riverside Since 1994!


    Since 2013 I have lived in the city of Riverside, well actually Jurupa Valley but even the USPS calls it Riverside. Having been born and raised in nearby Chino, I have spent a lot of time in Riverside working and playing. One of my earliest memories in attending a picnic in Fairmont Park.

    At Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire our process is drier so you can be back on your carpets in 1-2 hours rather than 1-2 days like a lot of carpet cleaning companies. We provide carpet cleaning Riverside and other Inland Empire communities.

  • Why You Should Choose Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire

    You can be back on your carpets in less than 2 hours   *   Re-appearing spots are eliminated

    No yucky chemical smells  *  Safe for kids and pets  *  Non-toxic cleaning solution

    The owner does all the work  *  Over 20 years experience  *  10 step cleaning process followed at every job

    Every job recieves our TOP OF THE LINE cleaning level of service   -  every job, every day

    No "bait & switch" pricing tactics - The price we quote you is the price you pay