• Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Deodorizer and Sanitizer applied on EVERY job!

    With every carpet cleaning we do, we apply both deodorizer and sanitizer on the carpets we clean.  While sever odor problems might require additional treatment, (both pet odor and other) this initial application is done at no additional charge. [...]

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    Bad Stains Can Be Removed!

    With our carpet cleaning services, most stains can be removed.  Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning-Inland Empire uses professional stain removing products to help us keep your carpets stain free!  

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    Have you ever read a carpet warranty?  It's an eye opening experience to read any carpet warranty. They are all terrible. There are so many limitations and exclusions, it's easy to see that they word it in such a way to make it very difficult for [...]

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